7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Police probe pledge

MANAMA: A police investigation is underway to determine the identity of people who delivered the body of 17-year-old Ahmed Jaber Al Qattan to Bahrain International Hospital. "This issue, which is shrouded in a blanket of unclarity, is crucial to the investigation and the results it will yield," Northern Governorate Prosecutor Nawaf Al Awadhi said.

An investigation is still underway to uncover the circumstances surrounding Mr Al Qattan's death, he said. In another development, a ballistic test conducted by a CID forensic expert has revealed that the pellets extracted from Mr Al Qattan's body have failed to match those used by the Interior Ministry. The Northern Police Directorate had reported small clashes between security forces and protesters in Abu Saiba, insisting that no shotgun pellets had been fired to disperse them. Earlier, a forensic report said the teenager died from wounds sustained from shotgun pellets, or birdshot.

Gas price plan rapped

MANAMA: A decision to increase the price of natural gas from the current $1.5 per British thermal unit (BTU) to $2.25 effective from January next year will negatively affect the competitiveness of local industries, it was claimed yesterday. "It will not benefit Bahrain's economy and the country will lose its competitive power in attracting foreign investments," Bahraini businessmen told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej. "Such an increase is untimely as it comes amid apprehensions that a new economic 'bomb' could explode at any time. When the world faces economic stagnation, what is expected is a drop in prices not a rise," businessmen Abdullatif Janahi and Sameeh Rajab said. However, businessman Sameer Abdulla Nass hailed the decision. Prices of gas sold to Bahrain's companies will be less than those prevailing in the international market, even after the increase, and will not affect profit margins, he said.

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