7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Business News

Islamic finance deals push

MANAMA: The International Summit on Islamic Corporate Finance (ICFS 2011), which opened yesterday in Abu Dhabi, saw leading Islamic bankers and corporate borrowers engage in innovative discussions that focused on boosting deal flow in the Islamic corporate finance space.

The summit addressed how to capitalise on the increasing demand for Islamic finance from the business sector as a diversified component of their corporate funding mix.

Held under the strategic partnership of Noor Islamic Bank, the two-day event was inaugurated by a keynote address from MAF Holdings senior vice-president and head of treasury Daniele Vecchi.

He outlined the corporate borrowers' expectations of Islamic corporate finance and provided insights into how Islamic finance can play an increasing role in the corporate funding mix.

"There is no doubt that Islamic finance is maturing into a global phenomenon as highlighted by the increasing appetite for Islamic instruments and deal structures across international capital markets, corporate loans and asset finance," said conference organiser David McLean.

"Analysis reveals that there has been dramatic growth in the international Islamic corporate finance market and many experts believe that this growth will continue to flourish as major economies in the Middle East and Asia, which are the most significant markets for Islamic finance, continue to expand trade and investment ties."

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