7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Ex-servicemen to form society

A CONTROVERSIAL former intelligence officer has announced plans to form a society of retired military and security personnel, which will work to protect their interests and hopes to advise the government on key issues.

Retired Colonel Adel Flaifil said the aim was to give a voice to thousands of former members of the military and police force, including expatriates.

He said he also hoped to establish links with revolutionary groups in countries such as Syria and Libya.

"This society will have branches in Bahrain and will represent more than 20,000 citizens, including women and expatriates, retired from the army and police," Mr Flaifil told the GDN.

He said such a body was needed more than ever in light of events since February, particularly with gangs of youths resorting to sabotage that includes pouring oil on highways, blocking streets with rocks, garbage and other debris and targeting the homes of critics of the opposition such as Shura Council member Sameera Rajab.

"We are ready to advise the government on security issues as we feel they are under certain pressure," explained Mr Flaifil.

"There are widespread lies about our country and lives of people jeopardised."

Mr Flaifil revealed one of its first tasks would be to mobilise its members and arrange meetings with revolutionary groups in Syria and Libya.

"We would certainly like to meet these groups in Syria, Libya and other parts to share our experiences or learn from them," he said.

In the coming months, a detailed mission and list of members is expected to be compiled to obtain authorisation to operate from Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry.

Former staff of the Interior Ministry, National Guard, Coastguard and Bahrain Defence Force would be eligible to be members of the society.

"We invite all these people to be part of this society that will represent them at all levels," said Mr Flaifil.

He added that one of its roles would be to advise the government on security issues, such as setting up checkpoints in certain areas.

"Our team could advise authorities on locations in Manama, Muharraq or any other area to set up checkpoints and monitor them," he explained.

Another plan is to create an annual day to honour retired military, police and security personnel.

"They are heroes and fighters of the country and should be honoured by activities dedicated to them," said Mr Flaifil.

The Bahraini officer is a controversial figure in Bahrain's opposition circles due to his alleged role in confronting anti-government activities in the 1990s. [email protected]

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