7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Sports News

Al Thahabi races to victory in Cross Island event

NASSER Al Thahabi raced to victory in the Bahrain Road Runners (BRR) Cross Island Race held under the umbrella of the Bahrain Athletics Association.

A total of 180 athletes took part in this annual event, which is the toughest and most challenging race in the BRR calendar with the race spread over 17 kms.

The event started from Al Dour Desalination Plant, south of Durrat Al Bahrain highway, and concluded near the Bahrain Sailing Club in Zallaq.

Al Thahabi emerged overall winner among men in 55 minutes and 47 seconds.

Abdullatif Ait Hussein (57:12) was second, followed by Maali Tawer (59:05) and Hazim Mohammed (1:01:56) in third and fourth places, respectively.

Hamad Farhan (1:03:22) was fifth, Mohammed Idris (1:04:42) sixth, Reda Hussain seventh (1:05:02) and Reyad A Kareem (1:05:43) rounded off the top eight.

Kelly Wood was the first among women, crossing the finish line in one hour, six minutes and seven seconds. She was followed by Sawab Hassan (1:08:13) who rounded off the top 10.


"We began on one side of the island and ended up on the other side. It was all about what happened in the middle," said BRR public relations co-ordinator Hisham Shehabi.

"Two years ago, the course made its way to the left of a challenging mountain.

"Last year, the course went to the right of the mountain. This year, we decided to go right through the mountain and boy was that a lot of fun," added Al Shehabi.

"We had super runners who made the course in less than an hour and other super walkers who made it in a little over four hours carrying around 35 kgs of weight."

Results (top 30): 1 Nasser Al Thahabi (0:55:47); 2 A. Latif Ait Hussein (0:57:12); 3 Maali Tawer (0:59:05); 4 Hazim Mohammed (1:01:56); 5 Hamad Farhan (1:03:22); 6 Mohammed Idris (1:04:42); 7 Reda Hussain (1:05:02); 8 Reyad A. Kareem (1:05:43); 9 Kelly Wood (1:06:07); 10 Sawab Hassan (1:08:13); 11 Ali Anbar (1:08:32); 12 Darrell Stone (1:08:59); 13 Saber Hassan (1:09:24); 14 Rochat Vincent (1:09:36); 15 Martin Rasser (1:11:01); 16 Matthew Neuman (1:11:49); 17 Gary Williams (1:12:25); 18 Nicolas Ciavarella (1:14:37); 19 Chris Vahey (1:15:18); 20 Ludger Gbiorczyk (1:15:26); 21 Lorna B Bradford (1:15:40); 22 A: Mohsen Algosaibi (1:16:18); 23 Louis Uguen (1:16:29); 24 Craig Hain (1:16:31); 25 Christian James (1:16:44); 26 Glenis Driscoll (1:16:55); 27 Tariq Algosaibi (1:16:59); 28 Nawaf Yagoob (1:17:06); 29 Basel Al Saleh (1:17:37); 30 Matthew Greenhill (1:18:23):

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