7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Consult us before signing documents

INDIANS have been urged not to sign documents in Arabic after a man was accused of stealing BD46,000 from his sponsor.

Mohammed Nisar has been held in custody since November 14 while he waits for his case to appear in court.

But his wife Afshana claims he was duped by his employer's family into signing documents which he did not fully understand at the Public Prosecution and is innocent of the crime.

He allegedly took the money from his Bahraini sponsor's bank account.

Indian Ambassador Dr Mohan Kumar has ordered an investigation into the case and warned people not to sign documents in Arabic or any other language they cannot read until they have them translated.

"I would like to urge all the community members not to sign documents without consulting us at the embassy," he said during the monthly open house at the embassy in Adliya.

"They need to confirm what is written in the paper before going ahead and signing.

"If they don't understand, as many cannot read or write Arabic and some can't even read English, they must immediately speak to us and we will help them.

"Everyone must be cautious these days."

Ms Nisar says the arrest of her husband has had a devastating impact on her and the couple's two children.

"My husband was caring for an old man who is very close to us," she told the GDN.

"He used to drive him (his sponsor) everywhere in Bahrain and one day they went to the bank to withdraw some money. After a week we received a statement and the amount was withdrawn twice.

"My husband went to the sponsor and asked him to investigate and he said not to worry.

"Later, as we were going for a vacation to India, my husband approached one of the old man's family members and told them the story as he wanted to clear himself.

"He thought of doing so as he didn't want to be blamed in his absence.

"The family members filed a case against him and asked him to meet a lawyer at the prosecution to clear the matter and take our passports after cancellation."

Ms Nisar claims her husband was forced to sign a document in Arabic and was jailed.

"We don't know what happened and why they did this to us," she said.

"Why would he steal the money and then go and tell them the money is being withdrawn from the account?

"I need help and I want an investigation to be launched by bank authorities to check who has been withdrawing the money.

"I want my innocent husband to be released from the jail, as he didn't take any money."

An embassy spokesman confirmed the case would be investigated.

"The case is tricky and we need to confirm everything before coming to a decision," he said.

"We need to speak to the sponsor and authorities, after that only we can decide what to do."

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