7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Diplomats probing if man duped by business partner

DIPLOMATS are investigating claims an Indian man was falsely accused of stealing BD23,000 by his business partner.

Sreelal Janardhanan lost his job and spent 45 days in jail as a result of the allegations against him.

But the former operations manager for a construction company claims to be innocent and has urged the Indian Embassy to intervene in his case and help send him home.

The 32-year-old went into business with another Indian in 2009 and says he was wrongly accused of keeping money taken from customers.

"I came here to live a decent life and thought of starting my own business to make extra cash," Mr Janardhanan told the embassy officials at its monthly open house event.

"I started business with my partner M S Sumesh after buying a Commercial Registration from a Bahraini sponsor, who gave all the responsibilities to me as an operations manager.

"We used to buy from two shops and then sell in the market on credit.

"My partner and I then started having problems due to the unrest last year, as we were not getting much business.

"He gave up on me and our business and joined another company, after getting an offer from them.

"Then he and some of his friends accused me of taking BD23,000 from the market and filed a case against me.

"I was alone but still managed to get some business in the company's name, as we had good work, and repaid 72 per cent of the amount.

"The balance 28pc, which is around BD7,000 is still to be repaid.

"I was behind bars for almost 45 days and now my sponsor has asked me not to deal with any new customers nor take new contracts, so I have no work at all.

"Now I want to go back home as I don't have any work and lost my dignity after being jailed.

"But my passport is with the sponsor and I want the embassy to help me."

An embassy spokesman confirmed it was investigating.

"We will contact his sponsor and see what exactly the case is and then try to convince him to hand over Mr Janar-dhanan's passport," he said. "We cannot do anything until we investigate and speak to all the parties."

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