7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Insurance but no cover?

I WAS intrigued by the article "Accidents Compensation Fund on way" (GDN, December 25).

It stated that in Bahrain "most vehicles enjoy compulsory insurance coverage". Doesn't the word "compulsory" mean "obligatory", and is compulsory insurance not by law a condition to register or drive a car in Bahrain? So why do only "most vehicles" have compulsory insurance?

Furthermore the statement continues: Many people affected ... find it difficult to get compensation! Why is that? Do Insurance companies based in Bahrain sell third party insurance cover but do not pay in case of an accident? Or are there other reasons?

Maybe, in view of the chaotic traffic environment in Bahrain, with daily news or injuries or traffic causalities, we could ask those questions, instead of just copying such statements without further comment or investigation!

Robert von Harryegg

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