7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Probe launched as worker set on fire

POLICE are hunting three men who beat an expatriate worker and set him on fire in Sitra yesterday.

Tasleem Gul Khan required hospital treatment after suffering severe burns to his right leg in the attack.

The 23-year-old Pakistani, who was guarding a water pump at a construction company worksite, was about to go off shift when he was confronted by masked men at around 5am.

They jumped out of a car and attacked him. They poured inflammable liquid on him before setting him on fire and fleeing.

The General Director of the Central Governorate Police confirmed the attack and said a manhunt was underway.

Speaking after being released from Salmaniya Medical Complex, Mr Khan was not sure if he would be able to work at the site again.

"The attackers came and started beating me for nothing," he told the GDN.

"I was crying as they punched and kicked me and I fell down.

"When I asked them to stop in my language, as I don't know Arabic, they started beating me harder and then one of them poured inflammable liquid on me and set me on fire before fleeing the scene."

The construction company guard managed to call one of his bosses who took him to hospital.

"It is painful, especially my right leg, and I have been asked to take rest at home for five days," he said.

"I don't think I will go back again to the same site, even if I go back to work, as I can't leave my job.

"I am scared as they beat me for nothing. I neither harmed anyone nor did anything bad to them."

Pakistan Embassy community welfare attachŽ Maqsood Qadir Shah urged authorities to investigate why innocent Asian workers are being attacked.

"I approached Sitra police station and requested officers to increase security measures in the area, as we hear stories of Asian workers being attacked by thugs almost every day," he said.

"His company said he is a decent man and came to Bahrain only seven months ago."

A company spokesman confirmed a complaint had been filed with police.

"I think they came to damage the pump or the structure, but when they saw Mr Khan standing near it, they attacked him and started beating him," he said.

"When Mr Khan started screaming for help and asked why they were beating him, one of them poured inflammable liquid on him and set him on fire." [email protected]

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