7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Police imposter jailed for rape

A BAHRAINI has been jailed for 35 years for posing as a policeman, kidnapping a woman in her own car and repeatedly raping her.

The 22-year-old was convicted of rape by the High Criminal Court yesterday and sentenced to life in prison, which is 25 years behind bars.

Judges also convicted the unemployed man of assault and theft and jailed him for another 10 years.

The victim, a 24-year-old Bahraini mother-of-two, earlier described how she tried to jump from her moving vehicle after being car-jacked - as she was being driven towards Sitra to be raped.

According to court documents, the kidnapper stalked the victim in his car after she left a friend's wedding in Isa Town in December 2011.

She was on her way to Exhibition Avenue, in Hoora, for dinner when a brown Toyota Corolla started tailing her on the Sitra Causeway at around 1.30am.

The woman, who had been married for nine years, told prosecutors that she tried to evade her pursuers, but ended up getting trapped in an Adliya car park.

She said the defendant first claimed to be a policeman and told her to get in the back seat while he got behind the wheel. The 22-year-old then took her mobile, wallet containing BD84 and two credit cards, read case files.

He then grabbed the victim's neck, smacked her across the face and ordered her to be quiet, before calling his friend and agreeing to meet him in Sitra.

The defendant is said to have driven the woman to the Sitra coast where four more friends showed up in a white Toyota Camry. He then threatened her with gang-rape if she did not have sex with him.

The woman told prosecutors that she agreed to have sex with him to avoid being gang-raped, although she tried to resist after his friends left.

She described to them how she was raped three times in half an hour.

She also said the 22-year-old then rang up a friend and arranged to meet him near a school in Sitra. The pair then drove off after leaving the woman alone in the car.

However, the victim left the car to track down her attacker and approached a motorist, who recognised the description of one of the men.

The motorist then took the victim to the house of one of the defendant's friends to meet his mother.

The mother provided the victim with the attacker's number before she informed the police, read court files. Only the 22-year-old stood trial in connection with the incident and was convicted of rape, kidnapping and assault. [email protected]

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