7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Leading from the front to herald change...

ALI bin Al Shaikh Abdulhussain Al Asfoor, the recently appointed Governor of the Northern Governorate, is a man in a hurry.

Oh that there were more like him in Bahrain!

Enough of words and platitudes, this is a man of action.

There are lots of green shoots of endeavour at the village level in parts of the Northern Governorate, and signs that more are on the way.

The Governor has simply gone into a number of villages and told citizens that their graffiti and rubble strewn places are an eyesore and a national disgrace.

It needs fixing.

No, there is not a lot of money for repair or cleaning work, but the Governor has appealed to the innate sense of pride that most people feel about residing in 'their village,' and how mess and untidiness reflects poorly on the citizens themselves.

Protesting is one thing, but trashing the villages where they live, is another.

The only people who really suffer, are the villagers themselves who daily have to live amid the self inflicted squalour.

Never even mind what it is doing to the investment regime in Bahrain, the loss of jobs, income and investment.

The Governor is himself a Shia, not that it should be an issue, but clearly he has a different value system to the men of Al Wefaq who are so focused on only ever protesting, that they seem to care little about the day-to-day livelihood of even their followers.

Indeed, they probably think that having people live in filth and squalour keeps the anger of their followers in foment, so why advocate something that is positive and benefits Bahrain?

What the Governor has found is willing hands to help with the clean-up, and praise by citizens that "at last" someone is doing something positive to take their villages out of their sorry state of foulness.

Someone is actually paying them attention and making changes for the better.

The piles of rubbish pushed to one side of roads only to be recycled 'next time,' is actually being removed and the streets made clean again.

There have been numerous projects to paint over the graffiti and make places again look livable, not as though they are some movie prop for a war zone.

The Governor himself is active on the ground, walking, listening, looking, engaging, not merely sitting in an office and issuing diktats.

His mood of upliftment is catching on as people are motivated to help improve the situation.

Sure, there will probably be reverses as thugs and some of the so-called protest leaders know only that which is destructive, but Governor Al Asfoor gives every impression that he is a hard man to derail and that his supporters are willing to take a stand against threats and intimidation, for the betterment of their community.

Most thinking people know that the authorities are committed to reform and that there is ample opportunity for those willing to be involved in future developments, to help fashion the outcome. The Governor is showing what is possible with a positive outlook.

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