7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Pedestrian dies

A PEDESTRIAN died yesterday when he was crushed by a vehicle in Hamala.

Bahraini Abdulaziz Ahmed Mustafa, in his 50s, was walking on the Wali Al Ahad Highway when he was in collision with the police vehicle, which was patrolling the area.

Mr Mustafa died instantly.

The officer, who was driving, is being held in police custody pending investigations.

An Interior Ministry official said two separate investigations have been launched - one by the Traffic Directorate and the other by the ministry.

The traffic probe report would later be sent to the Public Prosecution.

"The police patrol hit a pedestrian, Abdulaziz Ahmed Mustafa, and he died on the spot," said the official.

"This accident will be treated like any other.

"In any other case where someone is killed in a traffic accident, the driver of the vehicle will be held in custody until investigations are completed.

"The only thing that is different in this case is that the Interior Ministry will conduct its own investigation as the officer was on-duty when the incident happened."

However, the official said "at this stage" there was no suspicion of foul play.

"An investigation has been launched. The law will take its course according to the findings of the probe," added the official.

"If the prosecution finds any discrepancies in the case, then it will be referred to court which will make its own ruling.

But as of now, this is considered as a traffic accident and the fault maybe the officer's or the pedestrian's."

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