7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Safety comes first

This refers to 'Speed breakers' (GDN December 12, 2012), regarding implementation of speed breakers or pedestrian signals in both directions of the four-way junction in Gudaibiya, Block 318, Zubara Avenue-Ajeeb Store,

The Ministry of Works would like to explain that we always make sure all safety requirements and measures are implemented - whether on main roads or internal roads. This includes provision of safe crossing points that conform to specific technical standards, based on surveys performed in order to assess pedestrian movement, traffic volumes, road speed and the nature of services available on both sides of a road.

As for the complainant's request to implement speed breakers or pedestrian signals on the four-way junction facing Ajeeb Store, we would like to notify the complainant that the ministry has already performed a traffic study on Zubara Avenue following a visit to the location. It turned out that vehicles' speed on this particular avenue is low due to traffic congestion resulting from the number of shops on both sides of the road. Therefore, no recommendation was made to implement speed breakers.

Regarding pedestrian crossing, three crossings have been implemented along the avenue, one of which is near the junction facing Ajeeb Store.

The crossing is indicated by ground lines and warning signs. Based on that, we do not recommend the implementation of pedestrian signals.

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Fahad Buallay

PR & Media Director

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