7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Ocean of fantasy

This is in response to K Muir's view 'Only genius warrants the long goodbye' (GDN, January 16).

I am not countering what you have written but I am here to vindicate the reason for directors in their art of over-blowing their creativity.

Truth is, I seriously enjoyed each and every scene from The Hobbit. The reason being the creators have taken every aspect into detail to ensure that the middle-earth fans are tossed into its ocean of fantasy and imagination. If minute silly moments were overlooked, the fans would get a feeling that the movie was really awesome but there was something lacking from the book.

This is what happened to the Harry Potter franchise. People always felt the book was way better because the movie was drastically shortened to exclude the feel of the story and the characters. Though the creators finally did justice in the final part - by splitting them into two.

All movies may not have exceptional acting like that of Daniel Day-Lewis to enthrall the audience nor the adrenalin tension and suspense of Zero Dark Thirty. But what it may contain is the depth in the story or the background characterisation.

In the end, it all boils down to personal taste.

I did not find Skyfall regaling after the first hour, nevertheless it was a great movie for James Bond fans.

And regarding the popcorn purchasing problem, I always tell my mum popcorns are never to be done eating just for the duration of trailers but instead for the whole movie. So, start eating only when the movie starts, munching and savouring its taste along with the great moments.

And as for the bladder problem, interval is the best solution. But if not, as you said, some movies are bladder-defying. The Hobbit did that for me, but unfortunately Skyfall didn't.


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