7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Sports News

Retirees retain bowling lead

THE Retirees team maintained top spot after the 14th week of the Bapco Interdepartmental Bowling League, being held at Awali Club premises.

In a very challenging match, Tatweer team overcame Retirees 6-2, thanks to Abdul Hameed Maraghi who scored 250 for high game and 654 for high series.

Mahmood Rajab of Retirees scored the team's high game of 225 and could also fire 607 for the team high series.

Refining followed suit, defeating Engineering team 8-0. Hussain Ali of Refining team scored 287 for high game and 715 for high series for this week.

From the opposing team, Vincent Espira scored 200 for high game, while his colleague Ebrahim Taher scored 588 for high series.

Information Technology Department received all the winning points from Marketing team.

During this competition, Mohammed Al Jahromi, the guest of Information Technology Department, scored 245 for high game, while his colleague Kumar Nair scored 645 for high series.

Abdulla Abdul Kareem of Marketing scored 226 for high game and 640 for high series.

In another game, Production defeated Projects team 8-0. Ahmed Hassan Janahi of Production scored 251 for high game and 668 for high series.

Hassan Kamal Hubaishi, captain of Projects team, scored 239 for high game, while his colleague Lito Fransisco scored 662 for high series .

Maintenance team received all the winning points from the Women's team. Abdul Redha Haqiqi of Maintenance scored 224 for high game and 644 for high series. Winnie Sanchez was Women's team's most influential member as she scored 204 for high game as well as scoring 564 for the team high series.

League action continues today when Security face Refining. ITD meet Retirees, Tatweer take on Engineering, Maintenance face off with Projects, Production encounter Marketing while the Women's team will have a rest day this week.

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