7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Business News

Tharawat's sukuk fund a big success

MANAMA: Tharawat Investment House (Tharawat), an Islamic investment institution based in Bahrain, yesterday announced 5.06 per cent profit return on its Tharawat Sukuk Fund for the second half of 2012.

It achieved a total return of 9.44pc for the year.

That represents a cumulative return of 21.98pc since its inception in February 2010.

Tharawat will be distributing 4pc for the period from July to December 2012, making it the sixth distribution.

Tharawat Sukuk Fund is the company's first open-ended Sharia-compliant investment product based in Bahrain.

It invests over 70pc of its liquidity in government issued sukuk and in well-established firms in the GCC and Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia (Menasa) region.

"Despite all the unusual conditions experienced by the global and regional markets throughout the last four years, Tharawat announced the distribution of 4pc profits out of the second-half performance," said Tharawat chief executive Arif Mohammad Al Alawi.

"Such profit reflects the strong performances of both, Tharawat and the portfolio.

"This further reflects the sound strategy pursued by the portfolio to preserve capital and to generate high returns for investors by means of buying sukuk on the primary and secondary capital markets.

"We anticipate achieving higher profits in 2013, particularly as the Tharawat Sukuk Fund returns outperformed most of the competitors in the region," he added.

The Sukuk Fund targets high net worth individuals and corporate investors who seek higher yield investments than low and medium risk bank deposits.

It is considered a unique investment opportunity since sukuk is highly efficient, fast-growing, and ideal for fixed income and secure assets.

"Tharawat Sukuk Fund pursues a conservative and effective risk management and investment policy as the fund assets are carefully selected by international investment experts, and are adequately audited by the Sharia supervisory board," Mr Al Alawi added.

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