7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

£1bn windfall for British companies

BRITISH companies stand to benefit from £1 billion worth of business from just five major projects in Bahrain, according to Mr Lindsay.

"We are doing a lot of work to try to encourage more British companies to look at the real opportunities that exist here," he said.

"By our calculation, if you were to take the five biggest capital projects that are in the pipeline for Bahrain - whether it be infrastructure or major investments being made by companies like Alba and Bapco - on the basis of historical evidence, British companies should be able to pick up at least £1bn worth of business here over the next five to 10 years and that's just from these major projects.

"That's on the basis that they would get their traditional share of major contracts."

He said expansions at Alba, GPIC and Bapco all offered potentially lucrative contracts, along with construction of a bigger pipeline from Saudi Arabia.

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