7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

MPs condemn 'evil' attempts to derail F1 race

BAHRAIN's parliament has offered its backing to this weekend's Formula One race - with some MPs describing attempts to derail the event as "evil".

The elected chamber overwhelmingly backed the event yesterday and condemned acts of sabotage and vandalism that targeted the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

Several accused opponents of the race of seeking to exploit it for political gain.

"The event is great for everyone in every aspect, but we regret it is being used to deliver the wrong political statement to the world - aiming to show that Bahrain is not secure, safe or stable through numerous unauthorised demonstrations," said Bahrain Bloc MP Shaikh Jawad Buhussain.

He added the event played a key role in supporting a national economy that has been undermined by ongoing protests and violence.

Meanwhile, Al Asala Bloc MP Ali Al Zayed expressed alarm at Sunday night's explosion at the Bahrain Financial Harbour.

"Evilness was just in some areas in Bahrain, but it has now spread to places like the Bahrain Financial Harbour," he said.

"The recent explosion is an example of what those evil-minded people have in store for the country's future."

Parliament foreign affairs, defence and national security committee chairman Abdulrahman Bumajeed accused the opposition of using places of worship to preach hatred.

"There are places of worship that should be teaching Islamic values, but which are turning into sources of incitement against the country's stability and security," he said.

"Every year before the Formula One we see an increase in evil terrorist acts and our policemen are ready to stand against them, but they need our support to ensure they do their duties in the best way possible."

Meanwhile, parliament economic and financial affairs committee chairwoman Latifa Al Gaoud accused members of the opposition of working in the interest of foreign powers.

"Despite the acts of those with a foreign agenda, Formula One will be successful and there will be nothing that will distort our calmness, peace and stability - and we here urge policemen to act with full force if necessary to stop anyone trying to damage the occasion," she said.

Parliament second vice-chairman Shaikh Adel Al Ma'awada described sabotage and vandalism as desperate attempts to attract attention.

"No-one cares about their actions anymore and the Press and media should stop promoting their acts because that's what they feed on to continue," he said.

"If a tissue explodes we will see news being written or broadcast and this has to end if we want to again bring international interest in what we have."

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