7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Khalifa bin Salman and the Gulf Union

It must have been noticed by many now that His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa is the most senior leader in the GCC who has been openly and repeatedly declaring his backing to the GCC Union (GU).

HRH the Premier has recently made many statements in which he highlighted the necessity of GCC Union for maintaining security and ensuring a stable future of the Gulf states.

There's no doubt that the man is working very hard for the GCC Union, so that it could be a reality soon.

Personally, having seen HRH the Premier speak emphatically about the importance of the GCC Union, I came to realise that the threats surrounding the Gulf states would be enormous and growing, in case the setting up GU is delayed any longer for any reason.

I believe that the crisis experienced by Bahrain, which has been backed by a plan tailored by Iran and some Western nations, including the US (yesterday's ally), is the reason behind such a conclusion.

The plan was on one hand primarily aimed at the removal of the Prince Khalifa bin Salman government. In other words, the removal of the Prime Minister of Bahrain from his strategic post and governance system, not only in Bahrain but also in other sisterly GCC nations.

This would have consequently meant the overthrow of a solid management and leadership system that has been built over the years by such a remarkable statesman.

On the other hand, Western nations as well as Iran know exactly that the penetration of Bahrain, "changing of political regimes" in the rest of the Gulf states should begin with the government of Bahrain, headed by HRH the Premier, being the spearhead of the Gulf states in terms of governance system.

They know quite well how strong, deep and important the impact of this statesman is in terms of resisting Western and Iranian ambitions.

Several seminars were held in the US Congress over the past years at which US Congressmen talked about the need for HRH the Premier as well as other officials around him to leave office (i.e. the entire system).

These aren't mere speculation I'm making out of the blue but rather statements that have been made by influential US officials, of which I have documented footage.

The coup, which was mainly intended to overthrow the government of Prince Khalifa bin Salman, has eventually failed.

It was the first step meant to drag Bahrain into a conflicting partisan state, where it would be much easier for Iran to swallow Bahrain and Western powers to impose their preset agenda for system change.

However, the goal is still there.

Therefore, none can tell us about the threats surrounding Gulf states more than such a statesman who has been directly targeted, HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa and his government.

Therefore, here is one little advice: Whether you agree with HRH the Prime Minister or not, you need to back him strongly in his quest for establishing the Gulf Union.

You also need to trust that he does not speak a hollow talk.

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