7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Business News

Durrat Marina embarks on new retail development

MANAMA: Durrat Marina has made significant strides in its infrastructure and construction work on the residential and marina areas.

It is now preparing for stage one of a retail development that will run alongside the marina, spanning 200 metres in length.

Designed to be the downtown of Durrat Marina, the final promenade will host a bevy of cafes and restaurants, high-end boutiques and a wide range of leisure activities.

This first phase of development is the initial step towards that end goal, and is planned to serve as a destination where families can enjoy a day alongside the waters of the Durrat Marina Yacht Club.

The retail strip is being designed by Spanish design consultants HCP and will have 44 outlets with a total built-up area of around 5,200 square metres.

The two-storey retail area is being developed so that almost every outlet will be able to enjoy terrace space with views of the marina below.

"Durrat Marina, located just north of Durrat Al Bahrain, has garnered interest from more and more people seeking either a weekend retreat or a marina-based residence," said Durrat Marina chief executive Waleed Saffy.

"We are working towards the creation of a concept in inspired living, elegant yet simple; a space that embraces an energetic and a vibrant yet chic lifestyle. Each of the elements we have introduced within phase one of the development works towards this aspiration."

"Our first set of sea-facing villas is well underway within their construction schedule, and we expect to complete construction by year-end," he added.

"We have a close working relationship with Durrat Marina, and through our standing partnership have developed an insider's perspective on their vision for the project," said HCP resident engineer Jose Carrion.

"To us, it is just as vital to deliver on this promise through designs that are attractive and practical. We have designed this retail strip to mirror a youthful simplicity, distinguished by neutral colours that create a chic ambience, where good food, good company, and a vibrant environment are the focus."

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