7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Helping hand for Syrians...

PEOPLE in Bahrain are helping to give hope to thousands of Syrians fighting a daily battle to keep their families alive in the war-torn country.

They donated thousands of dinars which has been used to buy ambulances, bread-making machines and 100 portacabins to temporarily shelter the homeless.

It is part of the Bahrain-based One Body campaign to support Syrians through the crisis.

Al Asala MP Abdulhaleem Al Murad, society member Dr Faisal Al Gorair and campaign co-ordinator Khalid Al Balooshi have just returned from a trip to Syria as part of the project.

They met people in the northwest city of Idleb, where they distributed food, goods and helped set up the portacabins.

They also visited the injured in hospitals and met families worst affected by the civil war.

"We travelled to Syria last week as part of the campaign to support men, women and children living in poor conditions," said Mr Al Balooshi.

"We purchased a bread-making machine worth BD25,000 that will help provide three meals a day to families.

"Additionally, about 100 portacabins, worth BD1,800 each, were also purchased to help provide shelter to close to 1,000 families."

Mr Al Balooshi said the campaign had received massive support from people in Bahrain and across the GCC.

He said volunteers were also working to assist more than 200 orphans, whose parents had been killed in the war, which has reportedly claimed the lives of more than 100,000 people.

"We are all doing this to support the Syrians from the ongoing brutal aggression they face," said Mr Balooshi.

The Bahrainis documented their visit to Syria in a video, part of which shows Mr Al Murad, Dr Al Gorair and Mr Al Balooshi preparing dough to be put in one of the bread-making machines bought.

The campaign is expecting donations daily after evening prayers at the Abu Haneefa mosque in Busaiteen and the Shaikhan Al Farsi Mosque in East Riffa.

For details call 36706000 or 33111202. [email protected]

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