7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Guard behaved badly

This is in response to 'Where's the logic'? (GDN, June 25). Bahrain Real Estate Company (Edamah) would like to express its sincere apologies for the recent behaviour of one of the security guards at the Al Jazayer public beach. This was a personal action and does not in any shape or form represent the company.

One of the objectives of the redevelopment plan for the Al Jazayer chalet and beach area, which Edamah has undertaken, is to ensure that both nationals and tourists in Bahrain have access to the public beach area.

The key priority is therefore to ensure that the area meets the highest safety standards. To that end, the company is implementing a wide-ranging maintenance programme including repairing the lighting in the Al Jazayer chalet beach area and along the public beach. Nada Abdulghani

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