7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
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Depressed mum hit tragedy baby

A FATHER has admitted catching his wife abusing their seven-week-old baby several times.

He said the 26-year-old woman punched, threw and aggressively shook the infant, who later died of a heart attack.

He has been charged with endangering his daughter, while his wife has been accused of manslaughter.

The Egyptians, who are both doctors, appeared at the High Criminal Court yesterday, where they pleaded not guilty.

Their baby was admitted to Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) Intensive Care Unit on April 17 after suffering a heart attack.

It was later discovered that she had a brain injury, internal bleeding and a poisonous drug in her blood. She died less than a month later.

The husband told prosecutors his wife suffered from depression and her mental state deteriorated after giving birth.

"Since we got married, I knew she suffered from depression," he told prosecutors in his statement.

"She would take medication and I was worried our child will get affected.

"She then started to suffer from postpartum psychosis and would try to breastfeed the baby, but was unable to. So, she started to get scared of the baby and would not go near her.

"I took her to SMC and they transferred her to the Psychiatric Hospital, where she stayed for a week.

"However, after she came back home, and took a lot of medication, she threw her (the baby) on the bed and then pinched her because she wouldn't stop crying."

He said he saw his wife assault their child several times.

"Once she punched the baby in the face after she failed to sleep in April."

However, the mother told prosecutors she did not intend to kill her child, but was trying to stop her from crying.

"I could not stand the crying noise," she told prosecutors in her statement.

"The baby was causing problems by sleeping a lot, crying and not wanting to be breastfed.

"So I shook her because she wouldn't stay quiet."

According to court documents, police found more than 30 types of pills in the woman's medicine cabinet to treat depression.

She said her illness isolated her from the rest of the world.

"My depression makes me not like life. I like to be on my own and not to speak to anyone," she told prosecutors.

However, she denied using the psychoactive drug Benzodiazepine, which was found in her child's system.

Defence lawyers requested the release of the woman from the Psychiatric Hospital, but judges refused.

The trial was adjourned until September 9 for review.

The mother was previously admitted to the Psychiatric Hospital for postnatal depression.

However, a medical report confirmed she was responsible for her actions.

The baby reportedly had marks all over her body and, according to police, on one occasion, the mother allegedly threw her onto a bed from a one-metre distance.

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