7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Your Highness has always shown true leadership in our hour of utmost need

Yesterday, His Highness the Prime Minister received the Governor of the Central Governorate, as well as many of the area's other distinguished citizens.

He was very keen to thank them, especially since most "are now more aware of what this country went through during the last two years".

"Today we are reaping the fruits of your political stand in backing your country," the Prime Minister told them.

"The trust of the international community as a result, is also huge. You have all witnessed back-to-back official state visits by leaders of the two most industrialised Asian nations - Japan and South Korea.

"They were here to tell us that their countries are friends, strongly backing Bahrain, not only to further progress, but to become a gateway to the GCC."

In contrast to this, and on a darker note, he said : "You have also read in the newspapers about what was planned for this country and the GCC by foreign intruders".

As a media man, the news we published on both Gulf Daily News and Akhbar Al Khaleej's front pages yesterday, of a statement made during an interview on Fox TV by General Hugh Shelton, is not only astonishing, but horrifying.

For a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman of that nation's armed forces to clearly disclose that America planned to swallow Bahrain and gradually the rest of the GCC, is alarming to put it mildly! Our question is WHY?

How can a country professing to be our friend, and always proclaiming neutrality and respect for human rights as a priority principle, actively plan such a self-defeating conspiracy?

Hugh Shelton's words are worth repeating here. He said : "America thought that Bahrain was an easy prey that would serve as key to the collapse of the GCC regime and enable giant oil companies to control oil in the Gulf."

He said he had met His Majesty King Hamad during his assignment as head of US intelligence for the Fifth Fleet, and confirmed that His Majesty had been instrumental in turning the tables on US intelligence agencies.

In the aftermath of the general's words, we now pose the question to every western person, not just in Bahrain or the GCC. How can small countries maintain a basic trust in America anymore?

Visiting US politicians have many times pledged their profound allegiance to Bahrain's leaders. What will be their answer now after such a revelation?

I think that US officials in Bahrain and in Washington DC have a lot of explaining to do if they want to still be viewed as a civilised country in the eyes of the region.

Certainly, once Saudi Arabia discovered what was being planned by them in Bahrain, it no longer considered America a friend.

I also ask the so-called Al Wefaq society, its cronies and cohorts: How do you explain your involvement in creating panic and destruction here after reading this American general's statement? You all know that America could never have conceived such a scenario without the support of your political parties!

When will you find the guts, decency, honesty and courage to admit that you were all collaborating with foreign powers to deliver up your own land to them on a golden plate? And I also demand of the judiciary system to give good reason why all of you should not be branded as traitors.

The Prime Minister said that in spite of all the difficulties Bahrain has gone through, one reality has clearly emerged. That Bahrain has citizens ready to face a challenge and confront any eventuality.

For this, the Prime Minister said, "I owe you everything!" They replied : "You have always shown true leadership in our days of utmost need".

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