7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Four men jailed for hijacking and torching bus lose appeal

FOUR men jailed for 10 years for hijacking and then torching a public transport bus in Jidhafs have lost their appeal.

They were convicted of rioting, arson, subverting security, using violence and possessing Molotov cocktails by the High Criminal Court.

Three others who are at large were also handed 10-year jail terms in absentia.

The four lodged appeals at the Supreme Criminal Appeals Court, which upheld the original decision yesterday.

They were all fined a total of BD15,000, which was the cost of the bus.

A detective earlier told the court that sources led him to the men, who hijacked a Cars Transport Company vehicle on April 7 last year.

The bus, carrying around 30 passengers, was travelling towards Salmaniya when a mob boarded the vehicle at around 4pm.

The driver described to prosecutors how around 25 masked men armed with Molotov cocktails smashed their way in through windows, ordered passengers off and then set the vehicle ablaze.

He tried to stop them boarding the bus by refusing to open the door, but they used metal bars to get in.

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