7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

We stand by US plot report

MANAMA: The Gulf Daily News and its sister newspaper Akhbar Al Khaleej last night stood by a story they published claiming US involvement in a "conspiracy" to destablise Bahrain and Egypt.

The US Embassy and US Navy in Bahrain issued a statement yesterday claiming that remarks attributed to a retired army general had been concocted.

But last night, Akhbar Al Khaleej Editor-in-chief Anwar Abdulrahman confirmed that the general's Fox News interview, far from being invented, had been carried by American websites including the World Tribune on October 3.

The US Navy said it had enquired directly with retired chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Hugh Shelton about the matter which alleged that the written allegations by Mr Abdulrahman were fabricated.

"Gen Shelton confirmed he had never given - and will never give - such a false statement. He also said he had never appeared on Fox News to talk about Bahrain and that it was in 2010 when he last appeared on Fox News to present his autobiography," said the US Embassy statement.

"Gen Shelton had never worked for US Fifth Fleet as claimed by the report.

"He is an American hero and combatant and retired from the US army in 2001 after he assumed the highest rank in US military as chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff."

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