7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News


MANAMA: MPs are bracing for a showdown with the government over subsidised basic commodities. They are planning to seek guarantees to ensure that the revenues from diesel price increases will benefit citizens directly.

A key meeting is scheduled to be held tomorrow, bringing together MPs and ministers.

Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa and parliament chairman Dr Khalifa Al Dhahrani co-chaired a joint meeting last Wednesday and decided to convene the session.

"We will press for the planned rises in diesel prices to be scrapped - first and foremost," Al Asala Bloc MP Shaikh Abdulhalim Murad said.

He said yesterday the decision, which will take a heavy toll on citizens' lives, had been taken unilaterally, without consulting the elected parliament.

He warned it may only be the tip of the iceberg, saying that the prices of fuel, petrol, meat, flour, poultry and other basic commodities could also be raised.

MPs will also press for "sufficient guarantees and mechanisms" to ensure that the prices of diesel-based services and commodities will not increase.

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