7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Gay prostitutes lose appeal against term

TWO men who dressed in drag and worked as gay prostitutes told a judge they should have been jailed for three months and not six after they had their appeals rejected.

The Bahrainis, aged 19 and 20, would charge between BD100 and BD700 to have sex with male clients, according to court documents.

They were arrested after police received a tip-off that they were wearing women's clothing, make-up and wigs while they waited for clients in a coffee shop.

They also advertised their services by posting pictures of themselves on photo-sharing social networking website Instagram.

Both men pleaded guilty to prostitution and homosexuality in the Lower Criminal Court, which earlier convicted them.

They then lodged an appeal against their sentences at the High Criminal Appeals Court, which was rejected on Tuesday.

The defendants told the leading judge he should have reduced their sentences to three months because others convicted of the same crime were only jailed for that amount of time, they claimed.


However, after they started causing a commotion at the appeal hearing, the leading judge ordered them to be quiet and said if he saw them again he would "jail them for two years".

The 19-year-old told prosecutors that he had always felt like a woman since he was nine and went to seek medical help to no avail.

"Since I was nine I felt like a woman and gay," he told prosecutors.

"I then started to have gay sex with a lot of men, but I felt bad.

"I went to the doctors, but nothing changed.

"My case developed and I started having more sex and dressing up as a woman, using wigs, makeup and female clothing.

"I started to meet men in coffee shops and started getting money for sex.

"I met with Qataris and Saudi men, who paid up to BD700 to have sex with me."

Both defendants were earlier acquitted of misusing social media networks by posting provocative pictures of themselves in women's clothing.

The pictures were attached to court documents as evidence.

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