7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018

Singer-poet Attalla tastes chart success

BAHRAIN-BASED rap and hip hop artist Attalla is experiencing massive success as his latest single Thank You hit number four on the Reverbnation charts.

Born in Kuwait in September 1986, Tony Attalla is of Lebanese and Egyptian descent.

His stage name Attalla, which comes from his last name, means 'Give to God' in Arabic.

"My passion for music comes from my childhood, I wrote poetry and grew up listening passionately to old school rap," the 27-year-old told the GDN.

"I always felt a spark when I heard good music and I was attracted to all kinds of percussions.

"I am inspired by life and its ups downs, my personal experiences and the feeling I get when I connect to people's minds, hearts and souls through my music."

Attalla began his working life in marketing and business development before embarking on his music career in 2000.

He first gained popularity when he released his second mix tape That's Me in 2002 followed by regional recognition with the release of Attalla in 2008, which consisted of 14 songs he wrote and produced.

After two visits to Bahrain, he said, it "felt like home" and made a permanent move to pursue his career here in 2004.

"I have spent 10 critical years of my life and my artistic career here in Bahrain and it is definitely inspiring, local support is the base and structure of international recognition to any artist," he said.

In 2009 CigAwet Productions was born, founded by Attalla who has a specific vision for the company.

"I will continue to support local talent, represent Arab hip hop on the map and create original music people can relate to away from the stereotype hype," explained Attalla.

"From the heart of the Middle East to the world."

Later this year Attalla will release his third album with tracks featuring artists such as DJ Crow, Elena Qarooni, King Kemit and a few collaborations with DJ Outlaw and Mello Studio.

"There are big plans in the pipeline now, record deals, a video and my album release, so there will be a tour when the time is right," he said.

He recently performed at the Red Bull BC One Bahrain Urban Culture Week.

He was also selected to make an official soundtrack for the 2010 Beirut Marathon in collaboration with Saudi poet May Kutbi.

"It was a pleasure to collaborate with May Kutbi and an honour to inspire and contribute towards a great cause like the National Marathon in Lebanon," he added.

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