7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Six Americans found living in Duraz for weeks

SIX Americans questioned by police after they were discovered living in a Bahraini village had been renting the apartment for two weeks, their landlord told the GDN.

Mohammad Jawad Al Shehabi said his tenants signed a four-month lease for an apartment in Duraz.

He added that the Americans, whose identities have not been revealed, told him they were students who were here to learn Arabic.

'They are Americans aged 18 to 20 and they called me after seeing my number outside one of the buildings in Duraz,' Mr Al Shehabi told the GDN.

'The multi-storey building is near the beach, so they liked it and rented a fully furnished flat just two weeks ago.

'I rented it for BD330 a month and they signed a contract for four months.

'I was happy that I was getting business, so agreed to rent out the flat.

'I am not sure, but I think they have now moved to another building.'

He said the six were questioned at the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID), in Adliya, from 6pm on Monday until 4.30am on Tuesday, when they were released.

Mr Al Shehabi said he had no reason to be suspicious when he was approached to rent out an apartment.

'I have many buildings in Duraz and other towns and villages all over Bahrain,' he added.

'Many people call and ask, some take and some don't.

'The Americans came to see the flat, liked it and rented at the same time.

'They told me they are students and came to learn Arabic, in addition to knowing the culture and people of Bahrain.'

Mr Al Shehabi declined to provide details of his tenants.

'I have had enough, I don't want more headache,' he said.

'I rented a flat and got into such trouble for nothing, but no more from now.'

The American Embassy has declined to comment on the incident for the past two days.

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