7th APRIL 2015 - Vol.XXXVIII No.018
Local News

Second Yemen war critic is arrested

ANOTHER official at the National Democratic Assembly (Al Wahdawi) has been arrested for allegedly criticising military action in Yemen.

Deputy secretary general Mohammed Al Motawa was yesterday accused of spreading false and malicious information about Operation Decisive Storm, led by Saudi Arabia and nine allied countries, including Bahrain.

The coalition countries launched air strikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen on Thursday after Shi'ite militias sought to topple the Yemeni government led by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

He has also been charged with preparing statements for the society's secretary general Fadhel Abbas, who was arrested on Friday for criticising military action taken by Bahrain and other countries.

Chief Public Prosecutor Wael Buallay told the GDN that Mr Al Motawa has been remanded in custody for a week pending investigations.

'The deputy secretary general of the society was questioned in the presence of his lawyers and it was proved that he was involved in preparing and distributing the statements against the action in Yemen, on behalf of the secretary general and the society,' he said.

'He has been charged with intentionally spreading false and malicious data on public domain that would harm armed military operations, and publicly insulting foreign countries.'

The prosecution has also completed its investigation against Mr Abbas.

'The Public Prosecution completed its investigation against the secretary general of the society, and it was proved that in his statement he was implicitly critical about the military actions currently being taken by Bahrain and other countries to restore legitimate order and stability in Yemen,' added Mr Buallay.

Both men have also been accused of questioning Bahrain's political stance on war, and defaming other countries taking part in the operation.

The GDN earlier reported that the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry said the society has violated several laws and undermined national security. It plans to file a lawsuit to dissolve the society, which was suspended in October for holding invalid general assemblies.

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